Just Japan Podcast 142: Battling the Winter

  In Episode 142 of the podcast, Kevin chats with Andrew (Higgins in Japan on YouTube) and James (altinsider.com) about life during the winter months in Japan. Is it possible to keep warm… Continue reading

Make a Life List – There’s Life Everywhere (Kids & Nature Part 5)

This is a great nature-based activity to help put the natural world in perspective for your children or students. Many children live in their own world of Minecraft and PokemonGo and are normally… Continue reading

The World Under a Rock! (Kids & Nature Part 4)

Often people lament that they are unable to connect with nature because it may be too far away. In a way I understand their thinking. I grew up in rural Eastern Canada and… Continue reading

Sound Walk – What do you hear? (Kids & Nature Part 3)

An easy and effective way to connect kids with the outdoors is by taking them on a sound walk. You probably have an idea of what a sound walk is simply because of… Continue reading

Ready for Adventure: What Kids Need to Explore Nature (Kids & Nature Part 2)

You’ve now made the decision to help get your children or students more connected to nature. It’s time to get them outside and let them explore and inquire. Kids can of course simply… Continue reading

Connecting kids with nature: Our responsibility (Kids & Nature Part 1)

Playing outside is essential to the healthy growth of children. Children need to get outside, get dirty and discover the natural world around them. They need to, but they are not. In a… Continue reading

We’ve MOVED! –JustJapanStuff

  Hey there everyone! I just wanted to let you know that the Just Japan Podcast and now blog have moved to a new home here on the Internet. You can now find… Continue reading

Just Japan Podcast 97: Learning Japanese

In Episode 97 of the Just Japan Podcast, host Kevin O’Shea talks to Adam Shaw (SakanaJin on YouTube) about studying Japanese and life in Japan. Adam studied Japanese in the U.K. for a… Continue reading

Just Japan Podcast 96: Finding Work in Japan

In Episode 96 of the Just Japan Podcast, host Kevin O’Shea speaks with Anthony Joh about finding work in Japan. Anthony is the editor of the GaijinPot website. GaijinPot has the biggest English-language job board… Continue reading

Just Japan Podcast 95: Leaving Japan

In Episode 95 of the Just Japan Podcast, host Kevin O’Shea chats with Jay Dee Archer. Jay Dee is a Canadian who has been living and working in Japan for more than 10… Continue reading