Just Japan Podcast 13: Being a Researcher in Japan

In Episode 13 of the Just Japan Podcast, host Kevin O’Shea sits down with Dimitri Perrin, a researcher at Rikken, a government research institute in Japan. Not only does Dimitri have an interesting career in Japan, but he is also raising a family and does many things outside of work such as running and fundraising for charity! He and his wife biked around Japan’s largest lake on one-geared mamachari bicycles to raise money for Japan’s Red Cross after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami!


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A photo from Dimitri Perrin's Instagram of the Kobe, Japan waterfront during a festival.

A photo from Dimitri Perrin’s Instagram of the Kobe, Japan waterfront during a festival.

Dimitri on TWITTER @dperrin

Dimitiri’s blog (check it out and bookmark it)

Dimitri’s Photography Portfolio (pretty impressive!)

Dimitri on Instagram

Japan: Lake Biwa (Dimitri’s charity book of photos – all profits go to Red Cross Japan)



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