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7 Myths About Japan

Since I won’t be able to put up an episode of the JUST JAPAN PODCAST this week (busy with work and the end of the school term…as well as some Graduate School stuff)… Continue reading

Free Beer in Japan

The other day while leaving a local supermarket here in Kobe, Japan, a beer representative from Kirin gave me a free beer sample. Something like that would definitely never happen back home in… Continue reading

10 Reasons to LOVE Japan

Many people out there who are bloggers in both Korea and Japan, two countries I’ve lived in, tend to spend a great deal of their time on social media complaining about their surrounds.… Continue reading

Halloween Contest Winner!

The winner of the 2013 Halloween KitKat contest is “Isaac“!   Congrats and thank you to everyone who entered the contest!  

5 Japanese Dishes I’d Kill For!

There are many wonderful aspects to life in Japan. I have been living here for almost six years and really enjoy it. I really love life in my native Canada as well, but… Continue reading

Amazing Japanese Beer Machine

Last night I was at a “nomikai” or staff drinking party at an outdoor beer garden in Osaka. Normally, once you pay your entrance fee you can eat and drink all you want… Continue reading

Halloween in Japan

Halloween is coming in many places around the world including here in Japan. It might come as a surprise to many, but Halloween is celebrated in a fashion here in the Land of… Continue reading

8 Things I Love About Fall in Japan

Fall is approaching. I know that back home in the parts of Canada I have lived that fall has already begun, but here in the Kansai region of Japan, it is still a… Continue reading

Amazing Kobe Sunset

I actually took these pictures about 3 months ago while heading back home from work one evening. This is when I still worked in downtown Kobe at a not so great job. The… Continue reading

Kansai YouTube/Content Creators Meet up in Kobe!

If you are free on November 2nd, 2013, come to Kobe, japan and hangout with some fun YouTubers, bloggers, photographers, tweeters, facebookers, Tumblr..eers…  and general cool people! 6:00pm at Polo Dog (pub) in… Continue reading