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The World Under a Rock! (Kids & Nature Part 4)

Often people lament that they are unable to connect with nature because it may be too far away. In a way I understand their thinking. I grew up in rural Eastern Canada and… Continue reading

Raising Bilingual Children: Why I Never Speak Japanese at Home

While dealing with a brief cause of “blogger’s block”, I asked some folks on Facebook what I should write about. I was asked to write about raising a bilingual child. I have written… Continue reading

Drug Possession in Japan

If you plan to live in Japan or South Korea and enjoy partaking in marijuana, my suggestion is DON’T! These countries have very strict penalties if you are caught even with a small… Continue reading

Japan Working Visa Catch 22

I made the following video for those interested in coming to Japan to work as teachers. There is sometimes a frustrating Catch 22 situation for those seeking work in Japan. In order to… Continue reading