Everyday Life in Japan: Kindergarten Search

It’s not easy finding a good kindergarten for your child if you live in Japan. If you really care about the style and quality of education your child will/can receive, there are MANY… Continue reading

8 Things I Love About Fall in Japan

Fall is approaching. I know that back home in the parts of Canada I have lived that fall has already begun, but here in the Kansai region of Japan, it is still a… Continue reading

Amazing Kobe Sunset

I actually took these pictures about 3 months ago while heading back home from work one evening. This is when I still worked in downtown Kobe at a not so great job. The… Continue reading

Everyday Life in Japan: Scary Eyes

My new vlog series continues. I’m giving you a look into my little world here in Japan. I hope you don’t get too scared when you see my son and his “scary eyes”… Continue reading

Things Students in Japan Say…(fun and weird)

Many of the Japanese middle school students I teach daily have minimal English skills. Honestly, most of them have minimal English skills. Every day they are extremely happy to see me outside of… Continue reading

Can Japan Save My Life?

This is based on a video I made several months ago on my BusanKevin YouTube channel. That video got a lot of traffic and a very positive response from many. I’m sure there… Continue reading

How to get noticed on YouTube

I’m writing this blog post for those of you out there just starting out making video content for YouTube or those who are thinking of beginning. Many of these ideas are simply best… Continue reading

Google Street View Car in Osaka (video)

I have to admit that yesterday I felt a little bit like a kid in a candy store. I was walking along staring at my phone writing replies on my FaceBook page when… Continue reading

Upside Down Work Life in Japan

My Upside Down World   2013 has ended up being a year more interesting than I had even planned. That’s both good and bad. I finished a contract at the only school I… Continue reading

Every day Life in Japan: Meeting in Osaka

Join me as I travel around Osaka, Japan for a meting on monday. There’s always a lot to see even on a “mundane” daily commute when you are living and working in such… Continue reading