It All Happens Here!

I’ve decided that it’s finally time to start cleaning up my act and tidying house. It’s time to start consolidating and simplifying all that I me online. I thought the best way to… Continue reading

Everyday Life in Japan: Visiting the Hospital

A full day of cleaning at home and then visiting a friend of mine at a local hospital. A serious trip to the hospital can be a challenge for foreigners in Japan. The… Continue reading

2 Beers in Asia: Korea and Japan with @Qiranger

Years ago, myself and good friend KansaiPJ had the “2 Beers in Asia” collab chanels. I wanted to bring back some of that fun with a weekly “2 Beers in Asia” Google+ LIVE… Continue reading

Closing my School (but it’s ok!)

So, I decided it’s time to close my Saturday school. I have a good full time job from Monday to Friday now and I want more free time on the weekends. I want… Continue reading

Summer Fireworks in Japan

Summer time fireworks are a tradition in Japan. Families across Japan often buy small fireworks at supermarkets and convenience store and light them off with family and friends. You can see my family… Continue reading

Kansai YouTube/Content Creators Meet up in Kobe!

If you are free on November 2nd, 2013, come to Kobe, japan and hangout with some fun YouTubers, bloggers, photographers, tweeters, facebookers, Tumblr..eers…  and general cool people! 6:00pm at Polo Dog (pub) in… Continue reading

Free Stuff in Japan

This afternoon I wandered into a conbini (convenience store) near my school and I saw something cool! I saw a can of coffee with a free monster truck. I knew my son would… Continue reading My new home!

I’ve been thinking about this for a long time and here it is. is  “hub” for all things Kevin on the interwebs! You can find my “BusanKevin” and “jlandkev” Youtube videos here… Continue reading